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2nd Floor。 No14 Building。 No3 Da Tang Fu Tang Road。 Da Ling Shan Town。 Dongguan City。

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ANITA is a technology-based company founded in January 2018. We devote ourselves into designing and manufacturing consumer intelligent imaging products,Website:, new Heating non-Burning electronic cigarette (HNB) and smart Home Furnishing products. In ANITA, user-friendly products are developed with craftsmanship spirit, leading our company to be a well-known high-quality high-tech brand. We keep increasing our investments on HNB since the day ANITA was founded, trying our best to bring smokers healthier and better smoking experiences with our newest hi-tech devices during the second revolution of tobacco industry. ANITA has never stopped researching and developing smart to provide excellent products for our consumers. Our products have earned a high reputation in countries such as the USA, Russia, Turkey and Japan. Based on 20 years of OEM\ ODM production and operation of Hong kong listed enterprises, 20,000 square meters of production site, 38 production lines,1600 skilled employees, high Quality requirements and management level, bring you different production experience.
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