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Zhejiang lianmei industrial co。, ltd



No。99th,Jiuzhou Road, Hardware industrial area,yongkang city, Zhejiang province, China

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  • New Arrive Woodway Curved Treadmill
  • Speedfit Curved Treadmill Sports
  • New Arrive Curved Treadmill Sprint
  • Curved Treadmil For Gym
  • Curved Treadmil For Home Use
Lianmei is found in 1986,Website:, start to do export business since 2002 Factory have the 40,000 square meters facility, we have 24 different production lines Our product including, treadmill, electric-scooter, e-bike ,balance scooter and so on .Treadmill is mainly for home use, gym use and in the workstation too
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