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No. 9 Park Juji District, Zhongyuan Home Industry Cluster, Kengcun Town, Huojia District, Xinxiang C

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In 2007,Website:, Henan Jinyuanli Industrial Co., Ltd. was established. In 2008, a new factory was established - Zhengzhou Longhu. In 2009, Jinyuanli Branch was established - Henan Luyi. In 2011, Jinyuanli Group was established. In 2014, Jinyuanli Foreign Trade Department was officially established. In 2015, it was established in 2015. In the Central Plains New District, the foundation of the new plant site, Jin Yuanli officially moved into the new plant in 2016, officially entered the Taobao Alibaba International Platform in 2017, China Manufacturing International Station in 2018
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