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Nanjing Sky MEMS Technology Co。, Ltd。



Floor 18, No.315, 313 Zhongshan South Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, China

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  • MEMS Tilt Sensor
  • Analog Output Tilt Sensor
  • 2 Axis Tilt Sensor
  • Tilt Angle Sensor
  • Inclinometer Tilt Sensor
Nanjing Sky MEMS co., ltd. (SkyMEMS in brief) is a famous manufacturer of inertial measurement equipment,Website:, it is dedicated to MEMS measurement & control technologies, and has developed and produced Inclinometer, Electronic Compass, MEMS Gyroscope, MEMS Accelerometer, IMU, Vertical Gyro, AHRS and Integrated Navigation System, Fiber Optic Gyro, etc.
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