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Sell Ball Valves

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A ball valve is a type of pipe vale that opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve. They are used for quick shut off and low emission application. They are durable and can work to achieve perfect shutoff or closure even after years of not-in- use. They are always an excellent choice for shutoff applications. They are sometimes preferred to globe valves and gate valves for this purpose. Although, ball valves cannot offer the fine control that may be required in throttling applications but are still sometimes used for this purpose.
GZY PipeFitting Industries with integrated capacity of supply High quality valves with control systems, complete certification including third party inspection, tailored to customer specification.
Materials used:
Cast Iron
Ductile iron
Stainless steel
Metal alloys
Ceramic etc.
Types of ball valves:
There are three general types of ball valves:
Full port: This has an over sized ball so that the hole in the ball is of the same size as the pipeline thereby resulting in lower friction loss. The valve is larger and the flow is unrestricted.
Standard port: This has a smaller ball and hence a smaller port. This is less expensive. Flow through this type of butterfly valve is one pipe size smaller than the valve's pipe size which results in slightly restricted flow.
Reduced port: Here the flow through the valve is two pipe sizes smaller than the valve's pipe size which also results in restricted flow.
Type of Valves:
A valve is a piping components complete with operating system, able to control or shut off a fluid flow Valves are divided in:
Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Gate valve, Globe Valve, Plug Valve, Power Station Valves, Y-Type Strainer, New Products

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